Darkness Survival


No one survives the depths of this dungeon


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Darkness Survival is a 'roguelike' set in isometric perspective where players descend into the darkness of a dungeon plagued with monsters and other dangers. As in all good 'roguelikes,' if your protagonist dies at any time, you'll have to start all over again. You'll need to get used to it, though, because they'll be dying a lot.

As in any other game in this genre, your character moves about and fights in turn-based combat. Each turn means you'll move your heroine a single space forward, but remember that all your enemies will also move a space when you do so. And the same thing happens for attacks; when you attack an enemy, he'll respond simultaneously.

As you descend through the dungeon and defeat enemies, you'll also gain experience and increase your level. You'll be able to gain new special abilities, new spells, and especially new pieces to move around your board. Also, from your 'crafting' menu, you'll be able to create all kinds of elements to help your character.

Darkness Survival is an awesome 'roguelike' that has awesome graphics and an overall 'old-school' flavor except for a few bits. In any case, this is a fun title that's sure to please both genre aficionados and those who have never heard of this game style before.
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